Describe a Justify the Realistic Negotiation Style Process Solution in Consideration Caretaker Govt. for Political Party

The alarming issue in Bangladesh is the debating on Caretaker government whether it could be resumed or not. The political parties of Bangladesh are divided on this point and regarding to this matter political environment is going to be worse day by day. Every citizen of Bangladesh and civil society feel very anxiety about country. Everybody wants peaceful political environment and solve this issue.  The coming election to be free and fair needs peaceful political environment as well. Therefore, There is a badly need to negotiate among the political parties to extinguish the uncertain political environment for country.

Assignment on Macro Economics Re-production of Budget 2002-2003

The National Budget 2002/03 of Bangladesh was placed before Parliament on June 6, 2002. It was the eighth national budget placed before Parliament by Humble Finance Minister M. Saifur Rahman. After detailed discussions, the budget was passed by Parliament on June 29, 2002.

Overall Activities of Karmasangsthan Bank

Chapter-1: Introduction of Internship Program1.1 Definition of Internship

Internship is an assigned work performed usually at the end of a course curriculum. The goal of internship is to apply one’s theoretical knowledge in practical fields. Thus internship is a pragmatic application of knowledge and achieving practical experience by engaging one self in different and distinct sectors of work. So, internship or practical training is a technique often acquiring practical knowledge. For this reason on Internship is the most important for gaining practical knowledge. 

Performance Evaluation of Sonali Bank


1.1. Introduction:
Economy is a complicated dynamic system of relationship between different agents of society where banks play a vital role to mobilize the economy. In a dynamic economy, the banking institutions make the monetary system more dynamic. Modern economic functions are meaningless and seedless without bank. To make the social system developed and dynamic no one can deny the role of bank by any means. Banks at as a financial intermediary to mobilize fund from the surplus to deficit economic units. Now a day’s banks play a vital role as leading financial intermediary to meet the growing needs of every economy. 

Evaluation of Retailing in Rajshahi City

Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction

The importance of retailing of consumer goods is increasing in recent years, as volume of import and production in being increased. Manufactured and imported consumer goods must be marketed to the consumers through the retail shops and a substantial part of it is marketed in Rajshahi City. Retailing practices and the efficiency of retail shops is important in developing country, because when goods are manufactured and imported on large scale. But consumer get benefit of lower price through competitive large scale import and production only if retail shops are able to deliver Goods to the ultimate consumers in the right time and place these are needed.